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Motortronics Year-end parties and 2024 opening ceremonies (23.12.28)


On the 28th, MotorTronics held a 2023 year-end party and 2024 opening ceremony at the conference room on the second floor of MotorTronics' Ulsan plant, with about 30 executives and all employees participating.

CEO Hong Byung-soo is informing MotorTronics executives and employees of the start of the year-end party and opening ceremonies.

CEO Hong Byung-soo is conducting the ceremony by presenting encouragement for 2023 and goals and visions for 2024.

First of all, Hong Byung-soo, CEO of MotorTronics, emphasized safety and asked for awareness of employees' safety, and expressed his desire to work together to make a company that wants to work together, with more efforts to distribute safety education and safety equipment.

Second, in the rapidly changing modern society, MotorTronics, a global company, also urged that it should not be insensitive to change and innovation. It suggested a specific plan, saying that changes are needed to reconsider the overall positive and efficiency of individual consciousness, organization, and environment.

He then presented awards to the promoted employees and outstanding employee in 2023, encouraging them to give words of blessing and hard work throughout the year, and finished the farewell party in 2023 and the opening ceremony in 2024.

▲ CEO Hong Byung-soo is giving awards and rewards to two promoters and one outstanding employee in 2023.

▲The newly inaugurated a representative of the MotorTronics employee association is talking about his future aspirations and direction.

▲The winner of the prize lottery, which was held as an end-of-year event, is receiving the prize.


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