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Power Generation

Since the industrial revolution, the modernization and industrialization have increased very rapidly. Because of this, Machinery and electro-mechanical devices in the industry have grown up regarding every part. Therefore, It is more important to not only the scales of them, but durability, efficiency, stability. 

With regard to motor starting, It provides below advantages to use the Soft Starter for you.
1. When the motor starts, Save the maintenance cost with reduced mechanical stress.
2. Voltage ramp with current limit to restrain excessive inrush current.
3. The Soft starter guarantees power control and protection for your most important assets. 

The Soft starter of MOTORTRONICS Based on these advantages would be of great helpful in General Industry. By using a Soft Starter with each application, It will be supported to develop general industry with efficiency and stability.

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1. 불필요한 전력소모 경감
2. 안정적 기기 구동을 통한 설비의 안정성 강화
3. 기기의 스트레스 감소를 통한 모터의 수명연장

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