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Power Generation

In this age of high electricity consumption, without power plants, the world's light would disappear. Therefore, the power plant industry, which is indispensable, faces the problem of achieving the goal of stable power supply through low cost and high efficiency in the era of rapidly increasing energy use. Therefore, in line with the above demand, coal, LNG, and nuclear power plants equipped with high-capacity, state-of-the-art facilities are being expanded and built. there is.

In line with this, Motortronics has contributed to solving the problems facing the power generation industry through providing high-quality services and products. Motortronics' soft starters and low-voltage inverters will be of great help for the low cost and high efficiency that the power generation industry needs to advance.

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1. Reduce unnecessary power consumption
2. Reinforcing facility stability through stable device operation
3. Life extension of motor through stress reduction of equipment

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