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VMX Series


Low Voltage soft starter
VMX Series

Built in Bypass Contactor type Heavy Duty Low Voltage soft starter

The VMX Series is the only fully integrated, compact, world-class design offering uncompromised power and control capabilities. Integral bypass contactors are standard on all sizes and provide maximum efficiency of panel space while maintaining the Motortronics reputation for being able to soft start most any load.

Retentive Thermal Memory

Remember the motor thermal condition even in the event ofapowerlossorblackout.Extrapolatesmotortempera- tures using a real-time clock.

Flexibility of Control

Multiple ramp profiles, Pump-FlexTM Decel, process control timers and advanced motor protection make the VMX Series soft starter adaptable to a wide variety of AC motor applications. No need for add-on modules or costly auxiliary devices.

Separate Start & Run overload protection

Two programmable overload trip curves allow for the thermal capacity required to start the load, while providing more closely matched overload protection during the run time.

Compact packaging

Compact packaging has become critical in more and more electrical installations. The VMX Series meets this need without compromising features and ratings. By using a highly engineered packaging design and the latest generation microprocessor, all the control and protection features you need are in the VMX Series. Narrow and shallow dimen- sions are perfect for integrating the VMX Series into Motor Control Cen- ters (MCC), pump control panels and retrofit starter enclosures.




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