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Global Technical Center

Founded in 1962, the company’s headquarters are located in Clearwater, Florida and have additional facilities in the British West Indies, China and South Korea.

Motortronics is a worldwide-leader specializing in the manufacturing of solid state AC motor controls and motor protection products.


In 2001, Established Motortronics Korea as Branch Office of Mototronics USA.
we are providing the Motortronics’s product and technical Support to the Asia region as well as Korea.

With the theory and technical skills accumulated during past 60 years and based on the experience of a job site, we deliver the best product and system which can understand the demand of clients and can plan mutual interest and services can be satisfied.

We will do our best to open more rich future with continuous research and development and a techno- logical innovation as the front-runner of softstarter leading related areas looking the coming half
A century rather than past one.

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