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Water handling

In the face of modern society, the importance of water management is increasingly highlighted due to climate change such as abnormally high temperatures. A representative application of water management is the pump. 


However, if other electrical starting methods are used for starting the pump, the torque of the motor disappears momentarily when the pump stops. In this case, the valve closes instantaneously, and the flow of fluid velocity is blocked by the valve due to the closing of the valve, resulting in a “Water Hammer” phenomenon in which force is applied in the opposite direction.


Motortronics' soft starter can implement the optimal performance including the prevention of the above phenomenon through Pump-FlexTM control.

Through this control, the acceleration curve can be programmed according to the customer's pump specifications, and a total of 8 time and torque can be selected to implement smooth acceleration operation of the pump.


In addition, by gradually reducing the motor torque using Pump-FlexTM, the pressure of the pump gradually decreases, enabling a smooth stop operation. Make sure the valve closes smoothly and other fixtures such as pipes, valves and couplings are not impacted and no “Water Hammer” occurs.


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