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MVC4 Series


Medium voltage soft starter
MVC4 Series

Medium voltage solid state soft starter of Motortronics. The MVC guarantees power control and protection for your most important assets

Motortronics MVC Series soft starters take motor control to a new level. Soft torque starting, intelligent load monitoring and smart stops are all included and accompanied by a robust and compact design. The MVC Medium Voltage Soft Starter is designed to start AC motors in any fixed speed application. It provides maximum protection with "True Thermal Modeling," while allowing smooth, stepless control of acceleration and deceleration. The MVC Series guarantees power control and protection for your most important assets.


SoftStarter'sOptimizedfunctionfor VariousApplicationofMotorandLoad

Soft Starter should control various type motor and laod application with excellent function and reliablity

Pump, Fan and Conveyor

Soft Starter should control various type motor and laod application with excellent function and reliablity

Air & Gas Compressor and Chiller

Air and Gas Compressor is most popular Application.
Smooth motor staring and Starting current limit for optimized motor & load control.

Industrial Automation Facility

Jog, Dual Ramp and Quick Start function can Control Machine Operation Simply

Generator and Portable Power Source

Frequency and Power unstable condition, Soft Starter can control Generator and Portable Power without Filter and Reactor

Synchronous Motor

Soft Starter can control Brush or brushless type Synchronous Motor with Exciter Control

FWD / REV Equimentt

Soft Starter can control Fowrad / Reverse of Machine Simply

Multi Motor Type Soft Starter /Cascade Type Soft Starter

Soft Starter can control 2-4 Motor Starting motor in sequence, Economic Advantage.

Explosion Proof Type Soft Starter

Explosion Proof type Soft Starter suitable with Hazardos area, Underground mining, Chemical Plant and Oil and Gas Plant.

ARC Fault Protection (IEC62271-200)

ARC 발생시 사고로 부터 작업자를 보호하기 위한 IEC62271-200 기준에 적합한 고압 소프트스타터 판넬도 제작이 가능합니다.

Marine Certification

Marine Certification, ABS(Type Certification), DNV, BV, KR

Explosion proof Soft Starter

Motortronics Explosion proof type Soft Starter

suitable for Hazardos Area. Specially for Underground Mining, Chemical Plant, Oil and Gas Plant.


ARC Protection Design Soft Starter

Motortronics's Medium voltage solid state soft starter

designed for safety against internal ARC fault

If an arc event occurs within a Motortroncis MVC Series – ARC cabinet, the arc fault is contained by solid locking doors and heavy double layer compartment panels. During the emission phase the pressure is safely released using discharge flaps on the top of the panel (or optional ducts). These direct the explosion upwards or vent it safely outside. Arc fault events normally occur in less than a second, so not even the fastest person is able to react to protect them- selves. However, pressure discharge flaps will react in milliseconds to allow the heated gases to vent. Responsible specifiers should ensure that they require all switchgear to meet IEC62271-200

( 12KV 1250A 50KA 1sec )

IEC logo.png
Explosion proo
ARC Protection

MVC-ARC designed, manufactured, assembled and tested in accordance with :

IEC 60694 IEC 60470 IEC 62271-102 IEC 60044-1 IEC 60044-8 IBC 2000 IEC 62271-200 IEC 60282-1 IEC 60255 IEC 60044-2 IEC 61958

NeMa ICS 3 Part 1&2, 1993(R2000) / UL347 / EEMAC E14-1. Arc Resistant / Ansi C19.7 / Ansi C:37.20.7,200x, Arc Resistant



Motor Protection Features

MVC4_Motor Protection Features.png
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