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RX Series

Take your motor protection to a new level. The RX Series provides more than just solid state overload or power protection relay.

By using features previously found only in large expensive Motor Protection Relays,
the RX Series allow even small to medium sized motor applications to be protected by the best technology available, yet at a price affordable to all.

Advanced Technology for Maximum Motor and System Protection

The RX Series uses Thermal Modeling software normally found only in the most sophisti- cated Motor Protection Relays. This software keeps track of power related issues occur- ring in the motor circuit that contribute to causing a thermal overload. If there is a power loss, a unique combination of non-volatile memory and a real-time clock ensure that this protection is in effect when power is restored. Should an overload occur, the RX Series is intelligent enough to make sure that it can only be reset when the motor is sufficiently cooled down and is ready to start again successfully. Voltage input features allow true Motor Load Monitoring, not just current, along with Power Factor, kVA and Frequency.

Built-in Flexible Control Features Provide Cost and Space Savings

A 24 hour / 7 day Real Time Clock on board allows for several additional features that can eliminate the need for other discrete devices. Duty cycle can be controlled by using the Starts/Hour and Minimum Time between Starts features, plus a Coast-Down / Backspin timer can prevent restarting while a motor is spinning backwards. In addition, simple Batch Time processes of up to 7 events can be programmed for daily, multi-day or weekly operations without the need for an external time clock. A Restart Delay timer allows staggered restarting of multiple units as well.

Add Metering to New or Existing starters.

Three Phase Currents, Voltages, kW, kVA, kVAR, Power Factor, Frequency, kWH, Elapsed Run Time, Run Cycle Count, Lock-Out Time, Reset Time and Remaining Thermal Capacity

Fieldbus Communications

  • RS-485 Modbus RTU (built-in)

  • DeviceNet (option)

  • Profibus (option)

  • Other protocols as well.

Protect your 3 phase motors from

  • Line power problems; Single Phasing, Phase Reversal, Voltage Imbalance

  • Thermal Overload (i2t), Class 5-30

  • Equipment Ground Fault

  • Current Imbalance

  • Jammed load/Locked Rotor

  • Broken shaft / belt / loss of prime

  • Over / Under Voltage

  • Low / High Power Factor

  • Short Cycling, Too Many Starts per Hour

  • Back-Spin Restart Lockout

  • Excessive Run Time

  • Acceleration / Incomplete Sequence

  • Over / Under Frequency from a Generator

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