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2023, Industry Tour Program(23.12.08)


MotorTronics International Korea (hereinafter referred to as MotorTronics) conducted an industry tour program for 2nd graders of Ulsan Energy High School to strengthen the employment capacity of energy vocational high school students.

This program was implemented with the aim of providing students with information related to employment by enhancing their understanding of SMEs and showing them directly to companies. It has also become a place to introduce a wider field related to various jobs and majors by acquiring information related to companies, what kind of job students do when they visit industries in person.

Hong Byung-soo, CEO of MotorTronics, said, "We hope that programs that combine talents and companies will help students improve their employment capabilities and choose their careers. We will continue to provide various support activities and participate in good opportunities to do our best to promote employment in vocational high schools and create local jobs."


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