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2022 The superintendent visited corporate site of best company that hiring high school (22.10.26)

OCTOVER 28, 2022 EDT

The Ulsan Metropolitan Office of Education visited MotorTronics International Korea (CEO Hong Byung-soo), an excellent local high school graduate recruitment company, on the 26th and encouraged graduates who succeeded in finding high school graduates by communicating with companies on the direction of future vocational education development and employment issues of high school graduates.

The superintendent's corporate visit has been held since last year to discuss various directions for future vocational high school students' field training and employment by overcoming the crisis of employment in vocational high schools and strengthening communication with corporate sites to promote employment with high school graduates.

MotorTronics International Korea, which visited this time, is an excellent small and medium-sized company that has been designated as a promising small and medium-sized company for export this year and has been selected as a star company in Ulsan. also an excellent company for hiring high school graduates who hire two vocational high school students every year due to high interest in recruiting local talent.

At the meeting with corporate representatives and principals of Ulsan Meister High School and Hyundai technical High School, they shared opinions on high school graduate employment and discussed cooperation between companies and schools and ways to support the Office of Education so that the atmosphere of high school graduate employment can be established.

In the meantime, the superintendent visited two companies, Linno Aluminum Co., Ltd. and Autotech Co., Ltd., last year, and this year, starting with MotorTronics International Korea Co., Ltd., will visit additional companies that hire high school graduates to strengthen on-site communication.

Superintendent Noh Ok-hee said, "The role of local companies is being emphasized at a time when the outflow of local talent to the outside world is serious, and we thank the companies for their efforts to recruit high school graduates," adding, "We hope that schools will listen to industrial sites and actively reflect them in student education, and the Office of Education will cooperate together to become a school that vocational high schools want to visit through various supports."

Source: Ulsan Maeil - Ulsan's first, best morning newspaper ( )


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